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13 Items that cannot be missing in your living room

In a home, every detail is important, whether for its usefulness or for that certain touch of style it gives to the environment. That‘s why every head of household wants to have comforting spaces where they can create new moments with friends or family. This is known by people who have already established a home, as well as those who want to start a new life.

The living room is one of the most important places in your home, and that‘s why we‘ve taken on the task of detailing the objects that cannot be missing in this space, so that it becomes a cozy place where all your guests want to be. It is there where we will show you furniture and decorative objects that will give style and sophistication to your living room.


  1. Illuminate the space with lamps

These are pieces with two functions, which are to provide light to the environment and in the case of some, to project lighting in specific places. But that‘s not all, the truth is that furniture designers have transcended beyond functionality, since they have created useful lamps but giving their avant-garde touch to the living room environment.


  1. Central table

This article brings with it a lot of style and functionality. Although you may not believe it, small tables have the characteristic of filling the space in a useful way since they have the function of keeping objects out of the way of the sofa, freeing you from any mess with food, dropping the phone, or other common accidents. In addition to this, it serves as part of the decoration, since it must always bring with it some ornaments that make it stand out.


  1. Bookshelf

Having a bookshelf in some space in your home allows you to use your books as a decorative item. This element is ideal for both small homes and homes with more space.

The only thing you should keep in mind is that the size of the bookshelf adapts to that of your home and, without a doubt, it will make it look spectacular.


  1. Trays

It‘s amazing how a small thing like a tray can be so useful and a wonderful addition to the living room.

You can use it to keep things organized on the coffee table, such as the TV remote, your favorite magazines, etc., or even to transport tea or coffee from the kitchen to the living room.


  1. Floating shelves

If you‘re not a lover of large and heavy furniture, floating shelves are your best option. This element, in addition to being much more economical, makes your home have a much cleaner and minimalist touch.


  1. Comfortable and modern furniture

Furniture is irreplaceable objects in a living room, if there is the possibility of changing the model. There are different models and designs from the most classic to the avant-garde. Always try to make them not only modern, but also super comfortable, practical, and excellent for gatherings with your friends or for watching a movie.


  1. Plants

Plants are a vibrant and natural decoration that every living room should include. Plants are so versatile that they look impressive in any type of decoration or style; you just have to choose the right plant.


  1. Elegant works of art

The space around objects is as important as the pieces themselves. There are no absolute rules, the important thing is that you look for works by designers and/or artists that you like the most. We assure you that they will look perfect in your living room.


  1. The right color on the wall

Choosing the best color for your space is very important. It may seem contradictory, but dark walls sometimes make a small space look bigger. Look for color trends during this 2021.


  1. Mirrors

A very decorative idea is to place them in showcases or shelves, so that objects stand out more. If you have a house with a hallway at the entrance and don‘t have enough space, place a mirror in that area to widen the space. As for light, if your home lacks luminosity, an option is to add mirrors in different places in the living room or bedroom.


  1. A comfortable rug

A comfortable rug that feels cozy under your feet makes any living room look and feel comfortable and welcoming. To achieve this effect, don‘t just focus on color and design pattern, but especially on texture.


  1. Something personal

To make a living room look and feel homely, you have to include something personal, like some family photos or favorite paintings, for example. Without these small details, the room would feel cold and less cozy, like something out of a catalog or decoration magazine.


  1. Cushions

There should always be cushions in the living room. Even if the sofa is very comfortable, cushions can provide additional support for the back, or simply add a touch of color and texture to the room‘s design.



Remember that the living room is, after your bedroom, the place where you will spend the most time and where you will receive your guests, that is, it is the meeting point.

There is no doubt that having a modern, comfortable, and functional living room will make you feel much happier.

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