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4 Trends that mark interior design this 2021

As every year, trends evolve and, although it is usually in the fashion sector where we first perceive them, style changes are becoming very important in the interior design and decoration sector. Our home, its redesign and updating was the absolute protagonist of 2020 and will continue to be so during this year.

According to experts, these are some of the trends that will gain strength in 2021, for those looking to give a new look to their home:


  1. Elegance

Trends indicate that in 2021, elegant and luxurious style will prevail; with elements of the art deco of the 1920s, which will be complemented by golden details, noble colors, and many mirrors.

If you want to include this style in your home, it is recommended to approach a professional interior decorator to determine which furniture suits your home best, according to its size and current decoration style.

Speaking of elegance, navy blue or classic blue color continues to be part of interior design trends. A darker blue color will be the trend of this 2021. The "new black" is suitable for creating elegant and contemporary spaces.

In fact, one of the main furniture trends in 2021 is the retro navy velvet sofa, an amazingly beautiful piece that also comes in other striking colors such as dark green, burgundy, terracotta, and even muted yellow.

If you don‘t like the complete monochromatic approach for your interior design project, you can easily accentuate its place with some kind of striking furniture or other decorative element.

Also, neutral color schemes will never go out of style. The most important aspect of this type of space is to introduce several subtle details that will give a little more character to the interior. Ideal for creating more intimate and cozy environments. The main color focus of the next season is gray combined with other neutrals such as white, beige, soft brown, or similar light colors.

In addition, many interior designs in 2021 are including muted colors such as light green, blue, or coral that combine wonderfully with neutral and gray tones.

Neutrals also prevail in furniture design in 2021, which, by the way, is very inspired by Nordic style.


  1. Face line graphic art

A vibrant design trend present in the online world. Face line art is one of the latest viral design trends, which at first was only part of graphic design, but then quickly spread to jewelry and finally to decoration trends.

The Face line Graphic Art style consists of implementing strokes of faces generated by a continuous line, on plain backgrounds to highlight the figure. This art is developed by graphic designers for their proposals. Social media lovers may be familiar with this name, as it is a design widely used in backgrounds and photos in some apps.

Decoration is not exempt from this type of design. In view of its boom and taste, interior design joined the new wave by releasing accessories and decorative elements with this approach. It is a contemporary, fun, creative style that is part of a popular culture that loves good taste. In some objects, it will give a youthful and fresh touch to your home with each accessory you decide to use.

In this 2021, you will be able to find paintings, wallpapers, fabrics, cups, among other things, with this design. It will not be difficult to find all kinds of linear art coverings and pieces, as they will be one of the most daring and lively interior design trends.

This style has so much personality that it is not suitable for all tastes, but you can always include some Victorian piece in the decoration of your room, bathroom, kitchen, or living room that provides an elegant finish.


  1. Nature

The tones that will reign in the living rooms, according to the new trends, speak of nature. That is, greens will be the great protagonists, combined with terracotta, ochre, or raw.

In this way, a balanced decoration will be achieved. In addition, it will provide a feeling of tranquility to the room.

Creating environments of tranquility with a Zen touch is a lifestyle trend for this year.

So, if you have a garden or a terrace, it is recommended to decorate these places with natural materials; such as unpainted wood, stone textures, live plants, ceramics, and wicker furniture.

The connection with nature linked to materials that provide freshness and are easy to maintain will be very important. Biophilic design and its connection with nature will not be the only trend, eclectic styles that mix rustic and modern will also have relevance to the natural and not only be decorative. It will also seek to find ecological options that impact the environment as little as possible.


  1. Sustainable modern design

Since we have already mentioned the trend of natural materials and their important role, we present one of the most innovative interior and furniture trends in 2021, which is sustainable furniture.

For the most worrying moments about climate change, there is an urgent need to develop solutions for wasted plastic. Interior design trends in 2021 will determine a new era in the development of sustainable design, whether in furniture or fashion.

New bioplastic materials, reused materials, and low impact on the environment will be a trend in upcoming design. Designers dare to create coverings with new and unusual materials.

Experience has now shown that there is no completely safe method of waste disposal. All forms of disposal have negative impacts on the environment, public health, and local economies. However, efforts are being made to work with materials that do not harm the environment as much as possible and thus contribute to maintaining our planet in the best possible way.



The arrival of this year is the perfect time to start new projects, such as remodeling your home, whether it needs certain repairs or simply to give it a renewed look.

In addition to the above points, don‘t forget that yellow and gray will be the colors of this 2021. So, use this as inspiration and renew your spaces. Without a doubt, it will be a great way to start the new cycle that begins.

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