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8 must-have items for travelers

What takes us the most time when organizing trips is preparing the suitcase, and for some, it‘s something we leave until the last minute because it‘s very tedious and overwhelming. Having to think about what we‘re going to bring and getting the impression that we‘re forgetting something essential.

For that reason, it‘s very functional to prepare a list of things that serves as a guide and makes the task easier. Here are some essential things to bring.


What to bring in your travel suitcase

Before starting to pack things in the suitcase, it‘s worth thinking about the best type of luggage for the trip we‘re going to take. It will depend on the destination, the transportation we‘ll use, the temperature we‘ll encounter, the limitations of the airlines, or our interests according to the way we like to travel.

Take note of these tips to know what to bring in your suitcase and travel with peace of mind and security.


  1. Appropriate clothing

The first thing you have to do to pack your suitcase well is to think about what you normally wear, not what you would like to wear but haven‘t dared to use. Being comfortable is important, and it‘s not the time to experiment. A good trick for packing is to make sets of clothes, that is, to bring clothes that combine with each other so that you don‘t stop wearing something because it doesn‘t match. That way, if you‘re only going to travel for a few days, you can make daily sets using several items for several days. If it‘s a long trip, bring T-shirts, pants, dresses, skirts, or shoes that can combine well with each other. Also, keep in mind that laundries exist all over the world, and clothes can be washed, so you‘ll avoid carrying too much weight.


  1. Toiletry bag

How many toiletry bags have you had in your life? There are all kinds of them, in all colors, plastic, fabric, hanging, large, small. You just have to find the one that‘s most comfortable for you.

Remember that in most airports, only bottles of up to 100 ml are allowed. Some things we recommend you bring in your toiletry bag are:

  • Shampoo and body soap in solid format
  • Sunscreen
  • Moisturizer for face and body
  • Comb
  • Small towel
  • Deodorant
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Makeup
  • Mosquito repellent.

Although some of the aforementioned products are provided by hotels, you don‘t always stay in them, or they don‘t have what you need, or they‘re not of the quality or brands you‘re used to. So we recommend that you bring your own products.

The toiletry bag has to be multi-functional. The most recommended ones are cross-body, as you definitely won‘t lose them, and you can also use them if you go out and don‘t want to carry too many things, but that will depend on each person‘s taste.


  1. Electronic equipment

There are devices that have become part of everyday life and that require certain things for their use. So don‘t forget to pack the charger for the camera, cell phone, and if necessary, an external battery. Remember to check before you leave if you need to bring an adapter according to the type of plug in the place you‘ll be visiting.

Electronic equipment must be packed very well to avoid damage. A good tip is to carry them in your carry-on luggage or in a suitable backpack to protect them. And so as not to check these items in your checked luggage. If you have no choice but to carry any of them in your carry-on luggage, remember to put them in the heart of the luggage, surrounded by clothes that can mitigate any impact.


  1. Reusable fabric bag 

Carry an additional fabric bag in your backpack that takes up little space to separate dirty clothes or purchases and take care of the environment while you travel. There are some made of silk that take up almost no space, weigh nothing, and can save you from many inconveniences.


  1. Notebook for notes and pen

Although we‘re in the digital age, the paper format will never go out of style. Carrying a notebook will always be very practical to be able to make notes of beautiful and inspiring messages anywhere.

You can write down your things, ideas, or thoughts, and even the contacts you make along the way, in case you run out of battery on your phone.


  1. Basic prevention kit

It‘s always necessary to carry a small kit when you travel, to deal with small unforeseen events. Keep in mind that if you don‘t check luggage, you can‘t bring liquids of more than 100 ml or scissors. We recommend some pain relievers, band-aids for small cuts, antihistamines, antibiotics, mosquito repellent, if you take medication for specific disease control, you should bring enough for the trip, sunscreen, moisturizer in case of sunburn, etc.


  1. Money and cards

Remember that some hotels and car rentals require a credit card as a guarantee, and you never know when an unforeseen event may arise. So don‘t forget to bring some cash. Check the currency of the place you‘re visiting, as your national currency may not be accepted in some countries.


  1. Passport and documentation

It‘s necessary to check the required documentation, as some places will require visas to enter. Likewise, having the documents in order to avoid problems at the time of travel.



A final tip is to store clothes in packing cubes. In these cases, you can store your things in a classified way. This way, you avoid chaos in your suitcase and can carry everything in an organized way.

Remember that there are restrictions on items you can carry on board, and these vary depending on the airline or country you‘re traveling from. Keep in mind the size of your suitcase and take advantage if you can carry a second carry-on bag to store the most important things, such as documents and your laptop or camera.

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